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Sports Injuries and Injury Recovery Articles

Suffering from ankle pain? To make your life easier for you, below is a comprehensive review of some of the best knee braces available right now. This will help you understand the different features making it easier for you to make your decision. Read now to find out more!
  • 4 min read
A tendon is a thick fibrous band of tissue that connects a muscle to a bone. There are two tendons or peroneal tendons that run side by side in your foot, behind the outer ankle bone. These tendons are called peroneus brevis and peroneus longus.While one peroneal tendon attributes to the outer part of your midfoot, the other runs under your foot and attaches in close proximity to the inside of your arch. Your peroneal tendons are really important – they stabilize the ankle and foot and ensure your foot is safe from sprains and injuries.One type of a peroneal tendon injury is peroneal tendonitis, which is the irritation and inflammation of one...
  • 3 min read
An ankle sprain is an injury that results from the twisting or rolling of the ankle in the wrong manner. Inappropriate movement of the ankle can allow the tough bands of fibrous tissues -- which we call ligaments – that hold the anklebone in place, to experience wear and tear due to the excessive movement. This causes the ligaments to move beyond their range of motion. Most ankle sprains occur when the ligaments on the outer side of the injured ankle are affected. Identifying The Type Of Ankle Sprain The 2 common types of ankle strains are inversion and eversion ankle sprains.Inversion sprain: This is the most common out of the three and typ...
  • 10 min read
Our knee joint is unique in that it carries our entire weight at the same time that it provides both motility and flexibility. An understanding of the anatomy of the knee and how it works can help a great deal in understanding both how to prevent injuries, as well as how to aid our knees in healing when the need arises. There are many varied causes and types of knee injury leading to a wide array of symptoms and pain ranging from an intermittent nagging ache to a debilitating searing pain. We'll be discussing different aspects of knee pain, as well as addressing some common questions that people have on the topic of knee pain, and of course t...
  • 4 min read